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The John Humphrey Centre is committed to providing quality human rights training and services that are relevant, engaging and meaningful. We have an array of lessons and workshops already developed but we also offer customized workshops and programs tailored to the needs of you and your organization. We also provide our professional services to public institutions and organizations that wish to apply human rights to their programming and practise.

We have an expertise in:
-Applying rights based approaches to organizations both internally and externally;
-Building meaningful spaces for dialogue, reflection and collaboration;
-Assessing organizational culture;
-Conducting children’s rights impact assessments;
-Fostering youth engagement.

Please fill out the form at the bottom of the page to inquire about how the John Humphrey Centre can best assist you in learning and applying human rights to your organization!

See what people who have participated in our training and workshops had to say:

It was a good day! Great pace and really good info. I liked both Lewis’ and Danika’s presentations. They have expertise in their topics. As usual, your style was engaging and you created great time and space for learning. Thanks so much. Del.  UNDRIP June 2014

Great workshop. The in-depth analysis of the Anaya report was great. Lewis and Danika were awesome presenters. It was great to have someone that is involved on the ground level. GREAT! UNDRIP June 2014

It was really great to see you yesterday. I should say that all of our participants rated workshop as extremely valuables except one who said it was very valuable. I really enjoyed it and I know that WISER executive enjoyed it as well. So, again thank you and hope to see on campus more. Gender Discrimination and the Workplace, 2014



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