Alberta’s Human Rights Story

The John Humphrey Centre is pleased to announce our Alberta legacies book that chronicles the history of human rights in Alberta. The Search for Equality and Justice: Alberta’s Human Rights Story provides a blend of academic, legal and community reflections on the journey to realizing human rights in Alberta. Documenting the recent history of Alberta's human rights experience, the book provides insight to the successes and challenges along the way, and paints a picture of our present-day realities.

Through the perspectives of various human rights leaders and advocates, this book provides unique glimpses behind the scenes that challenge us to think about what kind of province we want to live in and what values we feel should overarch the systems that govern us. A must-read for every Albertan, this book will inspire you to consider how human rights plays an integral part in our lives and the common values that we all must embrace to belong and live a life of respect and well-being.

The book is on SCRIBD free of charge and are available to order in hard copy.