Community Approaches To Combating Racism

The John Humphrey Centre facilitated the Community Approaches to Combating Racism (CACR) exploring innovative and sustainable ways to foster inclusion and ensure full and equal access to social, cultural and economic opportunities in the workplace. The Project explored how service providers, employers/employees and community organizations can work collaboratively to address the obstacles for visible minorities to achieve economic growth, quality of life and full inclusion in Canadian society.

The JHC facilitated several focus groups for service providers, unions, employers and employees to gain a better understanding of perceptions.

CACR concluded on September 22, 2006 with a full-day workshop called Racism in the Workplace: a Community Dialogue that involved members of various levels of government. The afternoon also featured Fran Frazier of the Study Circle Research Centre, an American-based NGO, demonstrating the uses of a Study Circle.