The Free2BeYOUth (F2BY) program is rooted in the inspirational peer mentorship program implemented at Holy Trinity High School in Edmonton by dedicated youth who were determined to make their school a more inclusive space for all. The JHC is proud to work with the youth inclusion group (IN)spired to continue the work they started at Holy Trinity and promote a welcoming atmosphere within schools where youth feel they belong and have purpose.

Free2BeYOUth is an all-inclusive peer partnership program for junior and senior high schools across Alberta. This program places students as key school leaders and equips them with skills to build a respectful and inclusive school as a team throughout the school year. The uniqueness of this program rests with youth from diverse backgrounds spearheading meaningful activities within their schools and communities.

Youth in the Free2BeYOUth program will develop a deepened understanding of inclusion and conduct an assessment of their school community. From this initial phase, youth will then work collaboratively to raise awareness in their school and greater community on issues facing marginalized students (such as youth with disabilities, LGBTQ youth, aboriginal youth, immigrants and refugees, and high-risk youth) with the goal of increasing understanding and eliminating the barriers that keep students from experiencing inclusion.

Students meet on a consistent basis to build on their work and develop the program for their school community. A toolkit is provided for youth to work through. JHC and (IN)spired will come to your school to spend a day with the Free2BeYOUth team and get them started and organized. 

Following the training, teams will collaborate with the John Humphrey Centre and INspired to facilitate inclusion programming. JHC and (IN)spired are available deliver training workshops to encourage awareness, discussion and action on critical topics such as communicating with non-verbal peers, the history of Canada’s aboriginal youth, unique issues faced by students who are LGBTQ and much more! If you are looking for a social justice club opportunity that hits close to home for students, this is the one. Free2BeYOUth focuses on creating an inclusive school community embedded in acceptance and understanding, which is safe and secure for all to paricipate in.

We'd love to thank Servus Credit Union and the Alberta Multiculturalism and Human Rights Education Fund for their support to help us launch this program. Free2BeYOUth provides Albertan youth with innovative opportunities to advocate for inclusion and the launching of this program wouldn't have been possible without their contribution!

If you'd like to stay updated on or even become involved with the inspirational initiatives and projects that our youth are pursuing, please contact us today!