Gall Conference 2014

2014 Gall Conferece

Each year on December 10th, in commemmoration of one of our founding fathers, Gerald L. Gall O.C., we host the annual Gall Conference as an opportunity to reflect upon human rights, debate current realities and generate ideas for collaboration and change. In 2014, we considered:

- How do we, as Albertans, ensure positive outcomes for all children across the province?
- How do we build policies and programs that are child centred?- What are our collective obligations to children?
- How do we support youth to have voice and participate in their community?

Children’s rights provide a foundation to building communities that foster the health and well-being of all children. This International Human Rights Day, join us for a day to reflect on our obligations to children and prioritize areas for collective impact and explore how a child rights based approach to policy and programming can support positive outcomes.

A report from the event will be coming shortly. In previous years, we have focused on economic rights, as well as the state of human rights in Alberta. In 2015, we are just in the process of developing our theme. If you want to get involved by helping organize this event, please do get in contact with us today!

View pictures of 2014's Gall Conference here.



Director, Policy and Education, UNICEF Canada

Twenty five years ago, Canada was among the first to sign onto the newly minted United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. Childhood has changed in many ways since then, but the Convention remains a remarkably useful tool to guide decisions and actions affecting children. Its greatest shortcoming is simply that it is too seldom used in developing laws, policies, budgets, programs and other decision-making. Its potential is to offer clarity about the conditions to which children are entitled as a matter of obligation rather than charity; the principles that help guide the difficult decisions; and the different roles we must play. We will explore how Canadians working for children in any capacity can use the Convention to support their work and fulfill the promise of the Convention. The ultimate aim is to ensure every child the best possible conditions for growing up in Canada.

Other Presenters Include:
Joanne Minaker,  Sue Lynch, Chelsea Freeborn, Yvonne Chiu, Bev Parks, Stephenie White, Brandon Gladieu, Brianna Olson

Dialogue for Change process will be supported by Alberta Culture facilitator Rob Hagg.

Reconciliation: The Children’s Version

With each generation comes a chance to create a Canada worthy of all of our children’s dreams. This presentation shows how children and young people are leading the movement for culturally based equity for First Nations children and their families and uplifting the country in the process.