Human Rights City Edmonton

The Human Rights City Edmonton initiative began as a project inspired by the Human Rights City movement. First of its kind in North America, the Human Rights City Edmonton aspired to be a community where all institutions, organizations, businesses and individuals learn, understand, embrace and apply human rights principles to their daily lives. Respect for fellow humans is immediate and innate, and where everyone is included with full access to membership and participation in the community. With a population of just over a million in metropolitan Edmonton, this city is an ideal location to foster a culture of peace and human rights.

Thanks to the University of  Ottawa’s Human Rights in the City Lecture Series, Gerald Gall, President, and Renee Vaugeois, Executive Director were proud to deliver a lecture on the experience of the Human Rights City Project in Edmonton.  Please visit their website to view the lecture or see below.



Research Reports

Human Rights City Research Report Phase I

Human Rights City Edmonton Report Phase II

Activities of the Human Rights City Edmonton Initiative

For the past four years, the John Humphrey Centre has made strides towards creating a true Human Rights City within Edmonton by conducting public events and training programs under this mandate.

Human Rights City Human Rights Awards

Each year the John Humphrey Centre and the Human Rights City Edmonton initiative presents the Human Rights City Human Rights Awards which has the dual task of commemorating December 10th, International Human Rights Day and celebrating Edmonton’s human rights community.

Human Rights Facilitators Training Program

This dynamic ten-week introductory program gives participants an overview of human rights issues and facilitation skills to create and lead dialogues in their communities.