This Is Our Canada: Exploring The West Retreat


Start Date: Friday, November 6th, 2015

End Date: Wednesday, November 11th, 2015

Where:  St. Paul, Alberta

Who: 40 young renegade Western Canadians, between 16 and 28, who care about our country and want to work towards building peace in their communities through truth and reconciliation. These youth will work as a team to build a renewed sense of what it means to be Canadian in Western Canada.

Why should I attend?
At the retreat, you will join a movement of young people from across Canada committed to defending and protecting human rights in your home communities. Through an educational tour of St. Paul, you will deepen your understanding of the diverse experiences that make up Western Canada and how these experiences have shaped our realities as Canadians today. You will also engage in debate, dialogue, brainstorming and hands on sessions to equip you with the tools to affect change in your community and strengthen a culture of human rights.

What are the costs of attending?
Registration at the retreat is free and includes accommodations and food. We will also be arranging transportation for participants from Edmonton, Alberta to St. Paul on Friday, November 6th. 
We have a small number of bursaries available for travel to Edmonton. Please email for more information.

What are my commitments beyond the retreat?
Each retreat participant will become part of a regional squad that returns to their community with a commitment towards action. At the retreat, participants will break into three thematic work areas: human rights education, community peacebuilding, and human rights documentation. Volunteer commitment up until March 31, 2016 is between 40-50 hours.

How to I Apply?
Register here! Applications are due on September 30th, 2015. Successful participants will be notified on October 8, 2015 of their acceptance.

This project has been made possible [in part] by the Government of Canada and planned by the John Humphrey Centre for Peace and Human Rights, Alberta Native Friendship Centres Association, Mannawanis Native Friendship Centre Society, St. Paul Champions for Change, Boys and Girls Club of St. Paul and District, Saddle Lake Boys and Girls Club, Kehewin Music Project.