Rights in Play

Our Rights in Play program focuses on transforming our schools and communities through fostering of rights and responsibilities. We aim to enhance knowledge and understanding about human rights, particularly among children and youth. We strongly believe that awareness and education about human rights will make our youth engaged and active citizens, contributing to making the world a more peaceful and just place today and in the future.

We've proudly conducted our Rights in Play program (formerly Rights in the Sun) since 1999; a unique initiative which is unprecedented in Canada. The program features an interesting, interactive and fun curriculum of games and activities about human rights that have been delivered in schools and summer programs throughout Alberta. Reaching out to youth between the ages of five and 25, Rights in Play provides them an environment to learn about critical human rights issues, yet maintaining the energy and excitement of engaging programming. We've also created a training program where educators and camp counsellors are trained how to integrate the curriculum into their daily activities in the classroom and in camps.

The program can explore various human rights themes including discrimination, the environment, women’s rights, and building respect and compassion. The program focuses on emphasizing solutions as well as the challenges around human rights. We like to include activities that instill a sense of social cohesion, social responsibility and belonging in participants.

We offer two different opportunities for programming in Rights in Play:

1) One-time sessions that we can customize to cover the theme of your choice; or

2) A more in-depth exploration of human rights issues through multiple sessions over an extended period of time.

If you'd like to book a session, please contact us here or call 780.453.2638 so we can build the right program for you!