Alberta Human Rights Act

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Most recently amended in 2009, the Alberta Human Rights Act recognizes the equality of all Albertans and establishes the Alberta Human Rights Commission - an independent commission created by the Government of Alberta, which reports to the Minister of Justice.

The Commission has a two-fold mandate: to foster equality and to reduce discrimination. It fulfills this mandate through public education and community initiatives, through the resolution and settlement of complaints of discrimination, and through the human rights tribunal and court hearings.

The Alberta Human Rights Commission complaint process is similar to that of the Canadian Human Rights Commission and a diagram of the process can be found here.  

In order to file a complaint with the Commission, your concern must pertain to discrimination that has occurred in any of the five areas governed by the Act and must be based on any of the 13 grounds listed in the Act.  A chart description of these can be found here

It is interesting to take note of the statistics released by the Commission. In 2009-2010, the grounds most cited in complaints filed at the Commission were:

Physical Disability 32%
Gender 20%
Mental Disability 16%
Race/Colour 8%
Ancestry/Origin 7%
Religious Beliefs 3%
Family Status 5%
Age 4%
Marital Status 2%
Sexual Orientation 2%
Other 1%
Source of Income less than 1%

For a plain language guide to the Alberta Human Rights Act, Commission and Complaint Process, please see here.